Nuele Hair Care Re-Branding

Nuele Hair is a bespoke beauty brand specializing in organic haircare for women of color. The goal of Nuele Hair is to help women of color lead more organic, healthy lives with products like their all-in-one hair serum. My role was to research, re-develop and design Nuele’s new brand identity, website, social media and packaging along with a small team.

Project time frame: 3 months

Tools Used: Photoshop, InDesign, Canva

Project Background: Nuele Hair is a small business re-branding and scaling up. They hired me as an independent contractor to help grow their social media, brand and sales in addition to visual components.

 Project Challenge: Creating a cohesive message and brand with multiple ideas and opinions caused challenges, but as a team, we focused on the larger objective which was to be appealing to our demographic of millennial women of color. We managed by zeroing in on what customers would prefer and staying in line with the research we collected. 

Summary: Before I started designing or planning out ideas, I took a look at their current social media interactions and impressions via channels and their website. It was apparent that the demographic that interacted the most with the brand were millennial women of color. I worked to create a character profile of a potential Nuele customer to inform my decisions in design. The next thing I did was market and brand research of related companies that catered to millennial women, and created moodboards to draw from inspiration. Researching is an internal part of my process, and helps me create or remix concepts I see in art, news and the larger world around us. The next steps lead to executing mockups in the production phase to insure the final product was professional and ready for publishing. Nuele’s new brand identity will help create and maintain their voice as a sophomore brand in a competitive beauty marketplace.

Deliverables: Instagram Posts, Web Design, Social Media Design, Packaging Design, Advertising Design, Print Design

Client Logo: No
Concept: No
Branding: Yes
Graphic Elements: Yes
Layout: Yes
Website Build: No
Copywriting: No